Open to Multi Family AND Single Family Residences, Any Property Owner in Barefoot

On Thursday March 7th, from 6-7pm, the Watch Program will meet at the Barefoot Firehouse. Come meet Officer LCPL William McLeod, public relations police officer from the NMB Department of Public Safety. Topic of discussion will be Travel Security.  Coming in April is Alarms.

While at times we may have some free handouts, there is no agenda other than discussion around crime prevention and Neighbors watching out for neighbors.

Since these meetings are informal and no agenda, we will not provide minutes, notes or reports following these meetings. These meetings are for you. If you want to ask questions or provide information and ideas, we welcome your participation. Should an idea or recommendation merit considering, we'll take note and publish on the BRRA HOA website.

We hope to open communication between neighbors, the department of Public Safety and the Neighborhood Watch Committee. Our objective is to keep everyone safe and bring neighbors closer together to prevent crime.