The Strategic Planning and Development Committee will be releasing a survey beginning January 15, 2018 to gather homeowners’ opinions of what, if anything should be done with Tract 31.  Homeowners will receive an email early Monday, January 15, 2018 with the link to the survey.

You will have from January 15th at 9 AM to 5 PM on January 26th to complete the survey. 

ABOUT THE SURVEY:  In 2014, The Barefoot Resort Residential Association (BRRA) purchased a 25-acre tract of land adjacent to Barefoot Resort at the northeast quadrant of Highway 22 and Water Tower Road.  This tract of land was paid off in May of 2017. Of the 25 acres, 19 of them are considered ‘buildable.” There will be a picture in the survey so you will be able to see where this tract is in relation to the Barefoot Resort properties and existing potential access points. 

The survey will be asking you whether or not the land should be developed at all, and if so, to rate the importance you would place on the list of possible uses.  The series of options listed were collected from past Strategic Planning Workshops, BRRA Board meetings, homeowner emails, and posts on neighborhood websites.  You will also have an opportunity to suggest other ideas at the end of the survey.  Results of the survey will be disseminated through the neighborhood Voting Delegates, the Barefoot Residential Association Board, and will also be posted on the BRRA website.