This information is being sent as follow up to the Board Meeting held March 9th.  The Board of Directors recently held a Workshop to discuss the unfortunate heated discussions that occurred at the meeting. The Board has held its meetings at the Lakeside Conference Center for the last few years.  The Conference Center charges the Association a fee to use the meeting room and its audio-visual equipment.  The sound system failed during the last few meetings held at the Conference Center which were frustrating and an embarrassment to the Board. 

In an attempt to save the Association money, the Board decided to hold its February meeting at the Residents’ Club.  The Board does have the authority to schedule use of the Residents’ Center for its meetings.  It was not the intent of the Board to upset owners by utilizing the Residents’ Club to hold the February 12th Board Meeting.

However, in hindsight, the Board realizes that it should have explained this to the single-family owners prior to the meeting rather than just scheduling the use of the facility.  The Board will schedule its Regular Monthly Meetings to be held at the Residents’ Club for the remainder of 2018.  The quarterly open meetings will not be held at the Residents’ Club.  The Board is currently in the process of determining the location of the quarterly meetings.

The Board would like the support of owners and hopes that this causes no further discontent.

Please remember that these meetings are Board meetings held to conduct the business of the Association.  Voting Members are invited to observe the meeting so that they are able to keep their community informed.  Beginning with the April 10th meeting, anyone wishing to speak and address the Board will be required to email management with their name and topic of discussion.  The Board will also have a sign-up sheet at each meeting.  The sign-up sheet will be available 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.  Once the meeting is called to order, additional speakers will not be permitted.  The speaker will have two minutes to discuss a topic that is Association business for Board consideration.   The Board will no longer allow discussion to take place between the members.  The meeting must be conducted in an orderly and business-like fashion.

The Board thanks you in advance for your cooperation.

For the Board of Directors,

Kelly White, CMCA, AMS
Ponderosa Management, LLC
O:  843.399.9888
F:   843.399.1761