Beach Cabana

Barefoot Resort provides its owners with access to an ocean-front Cabana located at 4611 S. Ocean Boulevard, just south of 46th Avenue South, in North Myrtle Beach.

It offers a place for residents to get out of the sun – or sunbathe on chaise lounges on the open deck facing the Atlantic Ocean. Amenities include free ice, handicap ramp entry to the elevator, bathroom facilities, and 3 fresh-water shower stations. The Cabana is always open for your enjoyment.

The Cabana staff attendants answer questions, monitor parking, beach sand control, and cabana needs, including removing garbage and keeping bathrooms in-stock and clean. The Cabana and parking lots are staffed from April through October.

The Cabana features three gated parking areas monitored by the Cabana staff. (See Passes and Sticker Rules.) It is for the use of members of the Barefoot Resort Residential Association and their guests only. Owners are encouraged to drive golf carts to the beach to conserve available parking in the lots.

Shuttle service to and from the Cabana is provided for owners, renters and guests from April through October. The BRRA Board of Directors and Cabana Beach Committee are committed to assuring that this facility maintains a relaxing and pleasurable atmosphere for all owners, and they are continually investigating ways to improve it.


The beautiful Atlantic Ocean view from the Barefoot Beach Cabana is an awesome experience appreciated by BRRA residents from dawn to dusk any time of the year. Enjoy the peacefulness and awe that comes with every visit to this private amenity.

Owner Amenties

  • Multi-level private cabana
  • Private beach access
  • Shaded tables, chairs, and umbrellas
  • Chaise lounge sunning
  • Gated entry at Ocean Drive entrance
  • Gated parking in 3 paved lots
  • Handicap ramp access to elevator
  • Staff attendants to help visitors and monitor Cabana and parking lot use
  • Free ice
  • Three bathroom facilities
  • Changing stations in women’s bathroom and lower level at entry