Beach Cabana Parking & Decal Rules

As the summer season is quickly approaching, please take the time to review the parking rules outlined below:

Cars/SUVs/Pickups: Decal (Green) must be permanently affixed to the outside rear window, driver's side, bottom left corner or a temporary parking permit displayed from the rear-view mirror.
Convertibles: Decal (Green) must be affixed to the outside of the outside front windshield, passenger side, bottom right corner.
Motorcycles: Decal (Green) must be permanently affixed and visible.
Golf Carts: Decal (Red) must be permanently affixed and visible.
Failure to adhere to the rules will result in the vehicle being towed and no warnings will be issued.
  • When a violation of the rules is discovered, Coastline Towing will be contacted to remove the vehicle from the lot. The owner of the vehicle, in violation, will not receive prior notice. The vehicle driver or owner will be responsible for all costs, expenses, and damages associated with the removal of the vehicle from the parking lot.
Green parking decals were mailed to each owner in March of 2018. The decals will not be replaced this year.

If you do not have a green decal for your vehicle or a red decal for your golf cart, please contact: Ponderosa Management at 843-399-9888 to obtain the proper decal.
  • Short-term vacation renters are not permitted to park in any lot
  • Long-term tenants (lease of one year or more) who have provided Ponderosa Management Office with a copy of their lease, will be issued one (1) decal to access the parking lots
  • The second parking lot located between Ocean Boulevard and Seaview Street is currently available for parking
  • The third parking lot located at 4602 Seaview Street is available for use during the construction process
  • If you park in either of the lots described above, you must have a green vehicle decal or a red golf cart decal permanently affixed or a temporary parking permit displayed from the rear-vew mirror
  • If you do not have a decal affixed to your vehicle, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense
If a deeded owner travels to North Myrtle Beach in a rental vehicle, it will be necessary to obtain a temporary parking permit from the Ponderosa Management office located at 4876 Barefoot Resort Bridge Road, Suite C, North Myrtle Beach, SC.
  • Owners with a rental car will be required to bring in the vehicle rental agreement and photo identification. Please remember that the vehicle rental agreement must be in the deeded owner’s name in order to obtain a parking permit
  • If the vehicle rental agreement is reserved by a family member or a friend, the deeded owner may be listed as an additional driver in order to obtain a temporary parking permit
If an owner travels to North Myrtle Beach in a vehicle other than their own, a temporary parking permit can be issued. The deeded owner will be required to provide photo identification and the vehicle registration of the vehicle.
  • If an owner is arriving on a weekend and requires a temporary parking pass, the owner must contact Ponderosa Management at 843-399-9888, ext. 103 or email prior to arrival to apply for the permit
  • The permit will be available at the Ponderosa office during normal working hours, Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. If you arrive after 5 pm on Friday, the permit will be held by the parking lot attendant
  • This is a temporary permit is only valid on Saturday and Sunday
  • The owner must apply for a continuing temporary permit on the following Monday in person at the Ponderosa Management office
  • Temporary parking permits are NOT issued for vehicles belonging to a relative
    • This includes children, a spouse who is not a deeded owner, or guest of a property owner. Temporary parking permits are only available if there are no vehicles on property with a green decal
If you have any questions, please contact:
Ponderosa Management at 843-399-9888, ext. 103

The Board of Directors, the Beach Cabana Committee, and Staff members would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and wish you a safe, fun-filled summer season!