The BRRA Board has established various committees to help plan, implement and manage changes and improvements across the community. There are standing committees that endure from year-to-year and ad hoc committees that are formed for a specific project or purpose. Members of each committee as well as the chairpersons are appointed by the board.  BRRA members may apply to the board for membership for any committee. You may contact the committees with any comments or feedback by clicking the Contacts button for each committee.


Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee exists to preserve the beauty and harmony of our community and ensure changes made to architecture and landscaping are consistent with our codes, covenants, and restrictions.  Architectural reviews also help to identify and avoid legal complications that may arise from proposed construction projects. All new construction and exterior renovation projects must be approved by the ARC.

Beach Cabana Committee

The Beach Cabana Committee has oversight responsibility for maintenance and to identify projects that would improve member enjoyment of the facility.  The committee manages an annual budget, sets operating schedules, and establishes rules of use.

Joint Committee

Barefoot consists of three primary Associations: the Barefoot Resort Joint Committee (JC), the Barefoot Resort Residential Association (BRRA), and the Barefoot Resort Non-Residential Association (NRA). The JC is the overseeing organization for the areas and assets that are common to both the BRRA and the NRA. The JC is responsible for the landscape overlay, irrigation, and streetlights on all the spine roads within Barefoot. The JC is also responsible for the North Tower Pool (which is 1/3 owned by the NRA and 2/3 owned by the BRRA).


Lifestyle Committee

The Lifestyle Committee was created to foster more interaction and communication between single and multi-family residences.  The committee will attract voluteers and participants to promote and benefit the entire community and improve the quality of life in Barefoot.

Neighborhood Watch Committee

The Neighborhood Watch Committee is responsible for organizing and supervising neighborhood block captains for every community in the Barefoot Resort Residential Association, as well as partnering with North Myrtle Beach police, sharing information to protect our residents. The committee has developed a phone/email tree contact system to spread emergency information quickly throughout Barefoot.



Residents' Club Committee

The Residents' Club Committee’s primary purpose is to advise the BRRA board on operational needs and ongoing maintenance of the Residents’ Club facilities, as well as provide recommendations for the procurement of new and replacement items. In addition, the committee provides input to the Lifestyles Director for the preparation of the annual budget. The committee is made up of at least five, but no more than seven, members appointed by the Board of Directors.



Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee advises the BRRA board on strategic initiatives.  This committee is responsible for soliciting input from the community on enhancements and new initiatives that would benefit all members of the BRRA.  They conduct research on the feasibility of propose projects and make recommendations to the board on priorities, impact and risk.



Traffic Committee

The Traffic Committee has been charged with studying the traffic problems (e.g., speeding, failure to obey passing laws) within Barefoot Resort and working with the City of North Myrtle Beach to identify feasible solutions.




Website Committee

The Barefoot Resort Residential Association (BRRA) Website Committee is responsible for the planning and implementation of the BRRA website as well as monitoring the continued relevance and operations of the website.