How to register

Register to gain access to private information on the website – like financials and board meeting minutes and the Communication Center. You will also have access to and be listed in the Directory of Owners.

Easy to register in 10 quick steps!


  1. Click OWNER REGISTRATION at the very top right of the home page. (The next time you visit the website, you can click OWNER LOGIN to enter your user name and password – and get right in!)
  2. Your Contact Information: These are required fields. Your password must be 6-20 characters with 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 1 number. Your user name cannot be the same as your email address. Check if you would like to receive emails from the BRRA Association.
  3. Additional Household Member: Add your spouse or co-owner here, especially if they are not interested in registering with a separate password. Your Directory information will show you at the same location. If your spouse prefers to have a separate password, he/she will need to register separately.
  4. Select community(s): Select the communities in which you own property at Barefoot Resort. This will give you access to the financials and other private information for each community you own. (Your ownership will be verified.)
  5. Barefoot Address 1: Enter your primary Barefoot address. Be sure to include your Unit Number if you are in a multi-family neighborhood.
  6. Barefoot Address 2: Enter the other Barefoot property address you own. 
  7. Alternate Address: If you own property outside of Barefoot and would like to receive information while you are away, enter your address information here.
  8. Interests: Check your favorite pastime interests. You will be able to sort the Directory to find neighbors with the same interests.
  9. Publishing Options: Uncheck any item you do not want published in the Directory of owners.
  10. Hit SUBMIT.

You did it!


If you have questions, please send a message to our Web Manager or call the Association Office: 843-399-9888.

Thank you for registering!

Welcome to the Barefoot Resort Residential Owners Association website!

Hope to see you often!

After you register... Please do not attempt to logon to the website at this time.

Important information about the process AFTER you register:

After you successfully register, you will receive a confirmation email, thanking you for registering and asking you to click on a link to start the activation process.

You MUST click on the link, so we can complete your registration process.

Troubleshooting if you do not receive the email:

  • If you do not see this automatic email from us within a few minutes, please check your spam / junk mail to be sure your email provider did not filter this email from your regular inbox. Try searching for an email from: Registration on
  • If you still cannot locate the email, contact the Web Manager, who will personally re-send the email to you.

After you click on the link in the email, you will become visible to us for owner approval.

All user accounts are reviewed to verify they are Association owners. Please allow us time to approve your account before logging in. You will receive a congratulatory email, letting you know that you are approved.