Website Analytics for May

JUNE 1, 2019

We invite you to come back monthly to see an updated summary of this website's performance. See for yourself how many Barefoot owners are visiting

Neighborhood Registration Summary

Below is a chart that illustrates the neighborhoods and the percentage of registered owners, in order of most-to-least.  We are excited to see our owners showing interest in the BRRA website and hope to make it a resource that keeps YOU coming back!!!

May Page Behavior

  • The homepage and login page continue to get the most page views.
  • The next most viewed pages in May were:
    1. Cypress Bend Community Page
    2. Proposed Changes to Myrtle Beach Mall News Article
    3. Welcome Your New Neighbors News Article
    4. Beach Cabana Page
    5. User Registration Page

May Emails

The eblast with the highest open rate in May was the May News Center at 65.6%.  The blasts with the next highest open rates were the Beach Cabana Towing Reminder at 64.5% and the Beach Cabana Facility Use Reminder at 63.2%.  Ten (10) total eblasts were sent in May with open rates ranging from 41.9% to 59.8%.  Two (2) eblasts were sent to a specific community with open rates ranging from 68.2% to 74.8%.

Year-To-Date Overview

Dates of Note:

  • Yes another pat on the back to you all.  You set the record again for the most visitors recorded in a single day to date at 842 on May 1st.  


May Overview

May Statistics:

  • The average number of pages people look at per session: 3.97 (An decrease from 4.37 pages last month)
  • Average amount of time visitors spent on the site per visit: 3:43 minutes (An decrease from 4:04 last month)


The graph above shows the device usage for May.  

  • 43.1% owners visited the website from their computer
  • 42.1% owners visited the website from their phone
  • 14.8% owners visited the website from their tablet 

This month the phone usage and computer usage increased slightly, where tablet usage continues on a slow decline.

If you have any questions – or any issues logging in, please send a message to our web manager at She will make sure your website needs get resolved.