May 1, 2020

Below is a list of the most recent updates which include requests to and decisions made by the Barefoot Resort Residential Association's Architectural Review Committee.

January 1, 2020 - April 22, 2020


Community Signage 1 Approved
Community Entrance Gates 1 Approved
Deck (Back yard Addition) 1 Approved
Decorative Coating to Patio Concrete 5 Approved
Dock Removal 1 Approved
Driveway Mat 1 Disapproved
Fence 5 Approved
Front Door Handle Replacement 1 Approved
Garage Side Door Replacement 2 Approved
Gate Install (Fence) 1 Approved
Grill 1 Approved
Hot Tub Installation 1 Approved
Hurricane Shutters 3 Approved
Landcape Bed Enhancement 3 2 Approved, 1 Disapproved
Landscape Border 4 Approved
Landscape Enhancement 3 Approved
Landscape Lighting 3 Approved
Light Replacement (Building) 1 Approved
Light Replacement (Garage) 2 Approved
New Home Construction 1 Approved
Paint Post at Dock 1 Approved
Patio Ceiling Fan 1 Approved
Patio Enlargement 1 Approved
Patio (Open Air to Enclosure) 7 Approved
Patio (Screened to Windows RE EZE Breeze) 12 Approved
Paver Installation 1 Approved
Paver Replacement 1 Approved
Pool and Lanai 1 Approved
Propane Tank 2 Approved
Roof Replacement 7 Approved
Security Camera 1 Approved
Storm Door 8 Approved
Solar Energy Panel Installation 3 Approved
Stone Addition on Front of Home 1 Approved
Trash Can Screening 2 Approved
Tree Limb Removal 1 Approved
Tree Removal 16 Approved
Window Security Screen 1 Approved

Recap Summary

January 1 through April 22, 2020, the ARC Committee has reviewed 108 applications. 

Year-to-date application approval rate is 98% approved.


Please note that all applications are considered on a case by case basis and approved on the individual merit of the application.