Call for Candidates...

September 1, 2020

BRRA Board Election

The Barefoot Resort Residential Owners Association, Inc. is approaching the time in which it will elect four (4) members to serve on the Board of Directors.

About the process...

Barefoot Resort is divided into two Villages for the purpose of electing Directors to the Board so as to ensure fair representation on the Board. The first Village consists of all Multi-Family communities and the second Village consists of all the Single-Family communities. The Dye Golf Club (15 votes) is part of the Multi-Family Village and the Barefoot Public Course (45 votes) is part of the Single- Family Village.

The Board of Directors is made up of seven (7) members. Two (2) Directors must be owners from the Single-Family Village and are elected by the Single-Family members only. Two (2) Directors must be owners from the Multi-Family Village and are elected by the Multi-Family members only. Three (3) Directors are at-Large and are elected by all members.

This year it will be necessary to elect four (4) Board Members as the terms of the following Directors will expire on December 31, 2020.

Due to Board Member appointments and per the Governing Documents the elected Board members will serve as follows:

Please keep in mind when applying for the Board of Directors:

As outlined in the Association’s Governing Documents, the opening date for candidates to submit the Board Application Form is Tuesday, September 1, 2020 with a closing date of Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

Interested candidates should be prepared to meet monthly as well as when the President of the Board calls for additional meetings on an as needed basis. Each Board Member is also asked to serve as a Board Liaison to one (1) or more of the Association’s Committees.


If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please complete the Board Application Form and return the completed application by Wednesday, September 30, 2020.  Applications will not be accepted after this date. 

You should have received the application by mail, however it is also available on our website by clicking on the link below:

Board Application Form

Completed applications can be mailed to PO Box 1706, North Myrtle Beach, SC  29598 or faxed to the attention of Brandy Reaves, or emailed to:

Meet the Candidates Night

Date: Monday, October 12, 2020

Time: 6:00 pm

Location: TBD

Voting Ballots will be mailed to all owners prior to this date.  As per the Association’s Documents, the election is to be held via regular mail.

Should you have any questions please contact Brandy Reaves Ponderosa Management, at (843) 399-9888, extension 106 or via email: