ARC Annual Report

February 1, 2021

~ Artie Velez, Chair

2020 saw a significant number of ARC requests resulting in continuous improvements to the Barefoot communities. The ARC approval rate increased from 97% in 2019 to 99% for 2020.

ARC guidelines have been updated. Click HERE to view the 2021 guidelines.  Periodic inspections of our communities have been addressed and will be scheduled between February and October of 2021. There will be multiple inspections per community following the guidelines, which are there to benefit residents, avoid legal issues between neighbors, enhance the quality of life and preserve real estate values in our communities. These owner friendly inspections are here to support and maintain the curb appeal of our community.

Below are the high points ARC changes numbers for 2017 to 2020:


Patio Enclosure and installing Storm Door lead ARC request


Roof Replacement and installing patio lead ARC request


Install patio and storm door lead ARC request


Install patio and storm doors lead ARC request

We will continue as needed ARC committee meetings with focus on the ARC Homeowner Applications, communication and inspection process, and promoting BAREFOOT PRIDE. Thank you in advance for your support using the ARC process and we look forward to working with you during your homeowner enhancement changes to our community.

Making Barefoot the place to be in 2021 . . .

BRRA ARC Committee Members

Artie Velez, Chairperson
Mona Dickson
Victor Romano
Jerry Vanella
Anne Castro, BRRA Liaison