COVID-19 Public Service Announcement for Residents of South Carolina

as of February 3, 2021

All estimates included in this article are subject to change due to vaccine availability, demand, and provider participation.

South Carolina is currently in Phase 1A

This phase includes Healthcare workers, home health and hospice workers, dentists and dental hygienists/assistants, pharmacists

(Estimated population: 987,039)

If you are 65 years of age or older, please click on the button below to find out what sites currently have appointments available.



Green indicates that they have the vaccine and may have appointments.
You may have to check daily as circumstances change every day.
Red indicates that the site is currently not accepting appointments.
Please keep on checking as the status may change from day to day.

PHASE 1B will begin at the completion of Phase 1A

(targeted for early spring)
This phase includes all Frontline essential workers, law enforcement officers, corrections officers, manufacturing workers, grocery store workers, teachers, daycare workers
Estimated population: 573,501


(targeted for late spring)

  • 16–64 years old with certain underlying health conditions

Other essential workers include transportation and logistics, food service, public safety, non-frontline healthcare workers
(Estimated population: 2,897,527)

Phase 2

(targeted for late summer and fall of 2021)

  • ALL people who wish to be vaccinated
    • Ages per recommendations by ACIP

(Estimated Population 690,648)