Beach Cabana & Western Boundary Wall Update

Cabana Update

As previously communicated, Schindler elevators staging warehouse in Georgia was struck with a Tornado. Schindler has determined that the original delivery schedule will be met.  Thus, the elevator will not negatively impact the construction schedule.

The plumbing and electrical rough ins along with the masonry is continuing and has hit no major problems or delays at this point.  Meetings are being held with ADT to finalize electrical requirements for the security system.

The roof is continuing to be installed.  To further protect the roof support system from the ocean environment, we are changing the insulation that was specified and replacing it with a spray on insulation that will seal the entire roof support structure from the environment.

Some delays with the delivery of metal framing have occurred.  Baldwin is continuing to work around this constraint and continues to be on schedule.


Western Boundary Project Update

Recent progress has been slowed by the weather.  Both the Permacast and Saltwater Construction crews are trying their best to work around the weather and the difficult soil conditions.

In Sweetbriar, trees and vegetation have been cleared.  Old fence removal is essentially complete and debris is being cleared away so that column and wall panel installation can proceed.  A significant number of columns in Sweetbriar have been installed.  This is the last section of the new wall line requiring excavation. 

Permacast is in the process of scheduling a crane to install the remaining wall panels in Somerset and in a few locations in the four homes west of Links Drive.  All wall panels between Diamond Sands and Links Drive are installed.

Grading operations are continuing along the entire new wall line and will continue until project completion.