Beach Cabana & Western Boundary Wall Update

Cabana Update

As noted in the pictures, the Cabana construction is progressing well and continues to be on schedule.

The dunes crossover and ramp are in the process of being installed.  The nano wall and window installation have begun in the gathering room and the roof installation has been completed.  Finally, the parking lot pavers have been ordered and will be delivered in the near future. 



Western Boundary Project Update

The Western Boundary Project is nearing completion after encountering several unanticipated challenges from the gas shortage in the first few weeks to the need to install corrugated pipe and dewatering equipment in some areas and several issues in between.

All foundations for the columns were completed on August 23 with the final concrete pour and a successful inspection from the City of NMB.  The remainder of the week was devoted to final site restoration and grading.  In addition, several site specific issues were addressed.

During the week of August 30, remaining wall panels are being installed, final leveling completed and column caps installed.  Any drainage or grading issues will also be addressed.

Prior to final payment and project signoff, an inspection of the wall and site conditions will be walked down and inspected with the contractors, our engineer and members of the BRRA Board.