Zoom Recording on Traffic Concerns

The Neighborhood Watch Committee held an Open Meeting on Wednesday, September 22nd via Zoom on the topic of Traffic Issues in Barefoot.

The Presenter at the Open Meeting was LCpl Stephen Murphy, NMB Community Services Division. He focused on the anatomy of a traffic stop:

  • Definitions of Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicions
  • Officer responsibilities
  • Driver responsibilities
  • Procedure if you have a Concealed Carry Permit
  • Driver’s options to challenge a ticket

The Open Meeting also focused on Golf Carts: State and local laws governing golf carts

  • Must be 16 and possess a valid driver’s license
  • Must carry and possess Liability insurance
  • Must have and carry a Registration Certificate issued by SCDOT
  • May not drive after dark
  • May only drive on streets/highways with 35 mph or less speed limit
  • May only travel 4 miles or less from home

Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) are different than a golf cart.

  • LSV must have headlights, seatbelts, turn signals and shatter proof windshield
  • Must have license plate from DMV displayed
  • May drive after dark
  • All other golf cart rules apply
  • Must be certified as an LSV by manufacturer, modified golf carts do not qualify

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