Mailbox keys are available from the USPS, 621 6th Avenue South, North Myrtle Beach, 29582.

The BRRA has established limits on the number of decals that will be issued to each property to make parking more readily available to all Barefoot Resort owners.  There are almost 3,000 homes in Barefoot Resort and only 132 parking places at the Beach Cabana.

Contact your management company representative.

For the single family homes and Tanglewood, trash pickup is every Thursday.  Trash carts must not be visible from the street and may only be placed curbside Wednesday evenings and must be removed no later than Thursday evenings.

For more information regarding trash pickup, please contact the City of North Myrtle Beach, 843-280-5500.

You need to submit an Architectural Review Application Form.

You will need to include a plot plan marking where the changes on the lot will be made.  You will need to submit photos or samples of the material to be used. You may submit your request electronically including pictures taken by your phone of the plot plan, materials, etc. Or you can print the form, fill out, and drop off at Ponderosa along with your plot plan and other support materials.

After these documents are received by Ponderosa Management, the BRRA ARC Committee has 30 days to process the application; you will be notified via letter with the status of your request. (Multi-family applications are forwarded to the community Board first for approval, then the BRRA ARC Committee for final approval and notification.)

All BRRA owners and their immediate family (spouse and children), owner’s guest(s) accompanied by the owner, and long term renters (1 year or more) can use the Cabana and the North Tower pool. Short-term renters may use the North Tower pool, but do not have access to the Cabana.

Access cards or key fobs are required to access the Cabana and the North Tower pool. Access cards and key fobs are available from Ponderosa Management.  If your community uses access cards or key fobs to allow access to the community pool, in some cases, those cards and fobs can be programmed to also access the Cabana and the NT pool.

If you plan to rent your unit on a long term basis (one year or more) you can provide your tenant with one of these cards or the tenant may visit the Ponderosa office and purchase a card, providing we have a copy of the lease on file. Additional cards are $5.00 each.

If you plan to rent your unit on a short-term basis, you will need additional cards for your tenants that access only the North Tower pool and your community pool but do NOT allow access to the Beach Cabana. Beach Cabana privileges only extend to owners and longterm tenants.

Contact Ponderosa Management for the form (or fill out the electronic ) to request additional cards for short-term rental use (maximum 5 cards).The initial cost of the renter card is $5.00 per card and the replacement cost is $200.00 per card.

Please mail the form along with a check made payable to the Joint Committee to Ponderosa Management, P.O. Box 1706, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29598. Cards are issued on Fridays and will be mailed to the permanent address on file.

If you have other questions, please contact Ponderosa Management at 843-399-9888 or stop by the office at 4876 Barefoot Resort Bridge Road, NMB, SC 29582.

If your neighborhood is NOT managed by Ponderosa, go to your management company website and set up a payment account – or contact your management company representative to ask how to pay your dues online.

If your neighborhood IS managed by Ponderosa:

  1. Click here to go to the Mutual Of Omaha Bank website;
  2. Or click the Pay Your Dues Online banner on the Ponderosa Management LLC page;
  3. Or pay online using your personal banking institute with bill pay. Be sure to include your account number in the memo section.

Management companies handle the exterior common elements; however, we can direct you to the warranty department for the developer if you think your issue originated during construction. Otherwise, you are responsible for all interior repairs and the exterior lines servicing your home.

You should contact your Property Manager to express your concerns. If your property is managed by Ponderosa Management, the property manager will conduct an inspection, determine whether the issue is within the manager’s scope, and address accordingly.

Each owner was given a hard document at closing of the CCR’s for reference as to what each community will allow. If you need another hard copy and your community is managed by Ponderosa Management, you may purchase a hard copy for $25. The documents can also be downloaded and printed offline for your convenience.

Many neighborhoods also have community Rules & Regulations that often cover property and common property uses. Contact your Board or management company for a copy.

We suggest that in circumstances that require emergency assistance that homeowners exercise their right to be safe and call the proper authorities. For after hour noise disturbance (after 11 pm), please call the North Myrtle Beach City Police at 843-280-5511. If the loud neighbor intrudes on your property and/or you fear for your safety, call 911.

If an animal is running loose in a community, please call North Myrtle Beach Animal Control at 843-280-5511.

If you sell your vehicle, please write down the decal number on the vehicle you are selling and stop by Ponderosa Management to obtain a new decal.

Yes; bring your rental car agreement, which must be in the deeded owner’s name, to Ponderosa Management to obtain a temporary parking pass. The parking pass is only valid for the rental dates on the agreement and are only issued to the deeded owner(s).

If a deeded owner travels with a family member and does not have their vehicle with them, they should bring in the vehicle registration of the car they are traveling in and the deeded owner's drivers license to Ponderosa Management to obtain a temporary parking pass. The parking pass is only issued to the deeded owner(s).