Western Boundary Wall Updates



Jerry Saxon met with EarthWorks to discuss an issue with AT&T regarding the easement along Water Tower Road with buried cell tower cables that was identified during Board interactions with the city of North Myrtle Beach.  Up to this point, neither the BRRA Board or the Barefoot Western Boundary Wall Project (BWBP) Committee was aware of this easement/issue.  The Board authorized EarthWorks to address the issue as a follow up to the previous EarthWorks engineering and survey effort. 

During the March 9th Open Board meeting, the Board provided an update on the western boundary project.

EarthWorks submitted revised drawings to the Board/Ponderosa to address the AT&T easement and began work on preparing the permits.

Permit applications were submitted to the city and state, comments were received and addressed by both the BRRA Board/Ponderosa and the BWBP Committee.  There were seven comments and none were significant.

Permits from the state and city of NMB were issued/approved for the western boundary project.

The BRRA Board and the BWBP Committee developed a draft request for proposal defining the scope and other details of the project.

The BRRA Board attorney and Ponderosa initiated effort on the easement agreement required for each fence home owner.  As part of this effort, EarthWorks is preparing the plot plans that show the location of the new fence/wall and the easement on each side of it.  These plot plans will be part of the easement agreement and specific to each home owner.

The draft request for proposal is being further developed and finalized by EarthWorks.  Once finalized and approved by the Board, the request for proposal will be sent to contractors that can provide the type of fence/wall described at the December, 2019 Town Hall meeting as well as meeting the other environmental, drainage and grading requirements of the project.

During the October 12th BRRA Open Board Meeting, Rocky Cutuli provided a summary of the project status.  Noted at the meeting was a discussion of the drawings which shows the location of the existing fence and the planned location of the new wall.  Should you have any questions on these drawings, please contact a member of the BWBP Committee.

December Projections
Once proposals are received from contractors, the BWBP Committee will work with the Board to select the specific wall design and contractor.

December-January 2021
As noted at the October 12th BRRA Open Board Meeting, before a purchase order is issued to a contractor, there will be another town hall meeting to review the design with the residents and solicit any comments.


How much will the Western Boundary Wall cost?

  • The cost of the Western Boundary Wall will be between $1.3M - $1.5M. At the town hall meeting in December of 2019, the Board estimated the cost to be $600k to $700k.
  • The increase over the last 13 months is due to the following:
    • The previous estimate was for 3700 feet of wall based on 2016 documents.
    • When EarthWorks completed the engineering in spring, 2020 the length was determined to be 5681 feet.
    • This included 250 feet added between Barefoot the Diamond Sands Development (Townhouses) and 100 feet to the Barefoot property boundary on the west end of the current fence. This resulted in a 50% increase in cost for the wall components, e.g., wall panels and columns.
  • January 8, 2021: PermaCast and their local sub-contractor, Salt Water Construction, performed a detailed review and walk-down of the existing site/fence.
  • Additional installation costs were identified:
    • Conditions on the Water Tower Road side of the existing fence e.g., sandy wet soil and a high-water table.
    • The need to reinforce the 75- inch holes for the support columns (due to an extremely high-water table).
    • Due to the new sidewalk, and distance in some locations from the roadway there is a need to pump concrete and utilize a crane as standard installation equipment would not be able to access the new wall line, etc.
    • Requirements by the local sub-contractor to address drainage issues and swale in order the meet the conditions of the Storm Water Drainage Plan permit received from the state.
    • Construction materials and services have significantly increased in the last year due to COVID-19 and the availability/demand for such materials and services.

How do we know if we have enough funds to build the wall?

  • The 1% Fund balance continues to grow monthly with contributions to the fund from strong Barefoot sales
  • Additionally, we have a line of credit with Anderson Brothers Bank that puts us in the position to fully cover the completed costs of both the Beach Cabana and the Western Boundary Wall

Is there a fee for the draw line of credit?

  • Yes
  • 1% of the amount that we draw (example: $1,000 = $10 fee)